European eHealth Week 2016

European eHealth Week 2016 took place last week in Amstedam. Trust was a central theme at the conference. Trust is especially important in the digital economy and is indispensable in eHealth and mHealth. For that reason an industry Code of Conduct has been developed at the urging of the European Commission.
The Code of Conduct aims to provide easily understandable guidelines for app developers on how to respect and comply with EU data protection rules. This is important especially for SMEs and individual developers who may not have access to legal expertise.
The code covers issues like users’ consent, purpose limitation, and privacy by design and by default, and security measures. It is a voluntary instrument. App developers who sign it commit themselves to follow its rules, which are based on EU data protection legislation.


Read more about European eHealth Week 2016 on Günther Oettinger’s blog:

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