4th EDPB Plenary session recap

On 16 November the European Data Protection Authorities gathered for the 4th plenary session of the European Data Protection Board and yesterday, 19 November, a summary of some of the most important aspects discussed at the meeting was published providing an update on the EU-Japan draft adequacy decision, Clinical Trials Regulation and territorial scope.

Here are the main takeaways:

Concerning the EU-Japan draft adequacy decision, the EDPB confirmed the necessity of making sure that a high level of data protection is maintained in addition to continuity in data transfers from the EU to Japan.  

Furthermore,  concerning the relationship between the GDPR and the Clinical Trials Regulation, the EDPB declared that they agree “on the attribution of a mandate for the provision of guidance on a Q&A, developed by the Commission”.

With regards to territorial scope, the EDPB spoke about the September adoption of new draft guidelines that aim to clarify the applicability of the GDPR, especially with respect to situations in which the data controller or processor is located outside the EU.  In the end the EDPB determined that the guidelines will be the subject of further discussion in the November plenary session.

You can read the full press release here.

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