The New Frontier of Competition in the Digital Market: Personal Data Protection, My Lecture for the Maastricht University Star Lecture in Brussels

13 lectures in 13 different cities and 5 countries on the same day at the same time, the UM Star Lectures.  On 7 February 2019, I will lecture as part of this traditional series of lectures for alumni.  The event is organised to reach out to and inspire alumni, share academic insights, experiences and memories and to create an interconnected UM Alumni Community.

My lecture for the series is entitled “The New Frontier of Competition in the Digital Market: Personal Data Protection” and will examine how a company can be competitive in the international digital market, maximise the value of personal data, minimise the risk of sanctions, and increase consumer trust and potentially gain market shares. Concurrently, my lecture may provide regulators and law enforcement agencies inspiration for elaborating new techniques, alternatives to sanctions, that trigger a virtuous competition in data protection compliance and thus achieve a higher level of protection for the rights and freedoms of individuals. The time when companies were able to consider personal data protection as a mere legal compliance obligation is of the past. In our data-centric world businesses need to consider fair practices, privacy, and data protection as assets that can help them to responsibly further their economic targets.

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