Irish Data Protection Commission publishes guidance on common online risks

The Irish Data Protection Commission has published Guidance for data subjects entitled “What should you be aware of online? Some common online risks”.

The document, directed towards consumers, provides a simple but thorough overview of data protection principles such as Transparency/purpose limitation and practical advice for how data subjects can understand the risks towards their data protection rights and take proactive steps to protect themselves.

“Often, the personal data you hand over is used to enrich a profile that is created about you, your activities, and your interests. This is then used to tailor and target content that is displayed to you on the website or app, or shared among third party advertising platforms in order to decide what advertisements you are most likely to interact with. These ads may appear on the site or app you are using, or later when you visit a different site or app.” –“What should you be aware of online? Some common online risks” p. 3

Even if you are already familiar with data protection and privacy rights, I invite you to take a look at this well-written Guidance.

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