Kicking off the “EU and Global Cybersecurity Fundamentals” course: The concept of cybersecurity and an introduction to cryptographic tools

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I am very pleased that today we will start teaching the EU and Global Cybersecurity Fundamentals course within the Advanced Master in Privacy, Cybersecurity and Data Management LLM we created at ECPC. Today we will kick off the course with Brian Honan, who will lecture on the concept of cybersecurity and provide an introduction to cryptographic tools.

Having in place a meaningful and robust strategy for the management of key business process is fundamental in all domains, whether it be IT, marketing, sales, finance, or cybersecurity. For this reason, it is necessary to understand the key components of a cybersecurity strategy to properly develop, implement, and maintain it.  

We will begin today’s lecture with a discussion of what cybersecurity means and how Information Security Management Systems can be established in a way that allows for cybersecurity aspects to be managed in the most appropriate manner. In relation to this, the key concepts of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) will be explored, and students will be provided with the tools to identify key assets that both users and system managers aim to preserve and protect.

Once the assets to be protected are identified, a close look will be taken at how associated risks could threaten the CIA of the assets. We will therefore consider:

  1. how to identify the various risks, 
  2. what threats those risks could come from, and 
  3. how to identify the vulnerabilities that could allow the risks to materialize. 

The ways in which such risks can be managed through controls and measures will then be examined. Encryption solutions and their potential to counter cyberthreats will be given specific attention. To this end, different types of encryption, the selection and application of the most appropriate solutions and applications, and relevant pitfalls to be considered will be discussed. 

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