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Today marks the seventh and final lecture of the “EU and Global Cybersecurity Fundamentals” course in the ECPC Advanced Master in Privacy, Cybersecurity and Data Management!

After today’s lecture, students will have acquired a solid understanding of the multifaceted EU data protection and cybersecurity landscape thanks to the lectures and tutorials on EU and Global Cybersecurity Fundamentals led by myself and our other expert lecturersIndeed, the course has permitted students to solidify their knowledge on computer security technology and its principles, the most relevant EU cybersecurity legal sources, the interconnection with personal data protection and the multi-dimensionality of cybersecurity, including its ethical aspects, as well as its geo-political and economic implications on global scale. 

More specifically, today I will provide an overview of trends in EU sanctions for violations of the GDPR, covering a number of sanctions issued by EU DPAs for data security failures, explore trends in ESG investments and the relationship of ESG and data security, look at the ROI of privacy, and present the Data Protection as a Corporate Social Responsibility Framework that I have developed at ECPC.

It’s been a great pleasure working with Fernando Silva, Brian Honan, and the very engaged students during this first edition of the  “EU and Global Cybersecurity Fundamentals” showcasing one of the main purposes of our Master: creating multidisciplinary knowledge, through active collaboration! 

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