This afternoon Brian Honan will lecture on cybersecurity in the cloud in our “Advanced Cybersecurity and Global Cybersecurity Strategy” course within the Advanced Master in Privacy, Cybersecurity, Data Management and Leadership LLM at the European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity (ECPC)!

Cloud computing services are becoming increasingly essential in our economy and society. However, for cloud customers, this practically means entrusting cloud service providers with information and potentially also with personal data. Moreover, cloud customers may become very reliant on cloud service providers, and this may play a significant role in terms of business continuity.

During his lecture, Brian will take students on a deep dive into cybersecurity and information/data security in the cloud, also looking into how future cloud services may change the way they operate and how this could be done both technically and legally. This is particularly relevant due to the rise of ever-increasing cross-border data transfer restrictions which force companies to change the cloud service fundaments to fulfil digital sovereignty requirements.

Moving to the cloud provides organisations with many advantages, as demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic and the move to remote working, but the cloud also brings about many unique challenges that companies need to address to ensure they meet their regulatory, compliance, ethical, and moral responsibilities in relation to the services they provide or subscribe to.

The move to cloud computing also changes the security models that many organisations need to follow, which will also be covered. The traditional perimeter-focused model employed by many organisations no longer applies when engaging with the cloud, and organisations need to adjust their security models and frameworks to compensate. This new approach not only needs to focus on where the data or services are provided from, but also where are they accessed from.

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