DPCSR at the 2023 Privacy Symposium in Venice

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This morning I moderated the Privacy, ESG and CSR panel at the 2023 Privacy Symposium Conference in Venice. Many thanks to panelists Immaculate Kassait, MBS (Data Protection Commissioner of Kenya), Sophie Nerbonne (CNIL), Guido Scorza (GPDP), Massimo Marelli (International Committee of the Red Cross), Cosimo Monda (ECPC), Sara Agnello (Stellantis), and Emerald De Leeuw-Goggin (Logitech).
It was truly remarkable to hear representatives of Supervisory Authorities involved agree that privacy and data protection fit under the CSR domain, attributing relevance both to the concept of Data Protection as a Corporate Social Responsibility (DPCSR) and the Framework that we developed at Maastricht University’s European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity (ECPC).
The panelists belonging to the private sector shared their commitments to engage in sustainable data processing activities. They conveyed their common understanding that going beyond mere legal compliance and engaging in respectful, fair, and transparent data processing activities is necessary to shape a more responsible digital society and future.
Massimo Marelli, representing the international humanitarian sector, further acknowledged that part of the DPCSR Framework can also be used to create derivative works which have the potential to enable more respectful partnerships with IT service providers when it comes to the use of data in the humanitarian sector.
Finally, Cosimo Monda from the ECPC highlighted the key role of the DPO in sensitising organisations to the fact that investing in privacy and cybersecurity will lead to positive returns on investment. Along these lines, he suggested that the DPO also plays a vital role in informing company boards that the responsible use of data is essential to both gaining and maintaining consumer trust and building a solid brand reputation.
Many thanks to all the panelists and those of you in the audience.

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